Solutions for a Hybrid Workplace

January 17, 2024

In-person collaboration and remote work are coming together for the future of work in the modern hybrid workplace. ID Studios has had the opportunity to work with several clients recently to implement planning solutions, design, and strategic plans for this new hybrid workplace model.

In Person Collaboration:
Today’s hybrid workplace has been redefined as a space that supports in person collaboration, innovation, and employee engagement. It must adapt and offer flexible work options and choice to all employees.

Hybrid environments take several key considerations into account, for the implementation of optimal office design for both on-site workers and remote employees. They include flexibility, connectivity, privacy considerations and socialization, among others. The office has been redefined as a space that supports collaboration, innovation, and employee engagement. It must adapt and offer flexibility and choice to all employees.

We see these considerations in some form across all our projects now. However, ID Studios designs with each client’s specific needs in mind. In our experience, the most successful solutions have involved in-depth study, conversation and data gathering with the client, and developing an approach that is truly customized to the client’s culture.

Collaborative Workspaces:
Workplace planning and design solutions are continuing to undergo transformation in response to the evolving hybrid work model.

Within the hybrid working model there are many considerations. Most important, is an insight into a client’s company culture, and way of working and then designing specifically for those needs. We cannot take blanket trends in hybrid design and apply them to every company. We always discuss with and educate our clients on the constantly evolving landscape of the workspace.

From there we approach design through keeping the company goals, corporate culture, and employee preferences at the center. There is no one “right hybrid model”.

The following case study highlights the personalized solutions we have designed to help Tandem’s team members productive in their work environment.

Case Study: Tandem Diabetes

Tandem Diabetes cares deeply about extending a balanced lifestyle to their users as well as a healthy work life balance for their employees. There is no hierarchy among employees, everyone is in one size workstations with no private offices. Therefore, it was important that everyone have access to natural daylight in the physical workplace, as well as access to a variety of work zones. It was also key that the Lab space felt integrated into their design.

The overall planning needed to accommodate a mix of in office employees, and those that with a hybrid schedule. There was an emphasis on variety within planning, creating both a mix of open and enclosed spaces. It was also important that these areas could stay flexible.

Solutions & Design

Magnet Amenities: Employee centered amenity areas across the physical office space to give employees options of where to break, as well as one large café for people to come together.
Recharge Zones: Areas to step away from work/ intense meetings to recharge with interactive branding stations.

Spectrum of Postures: Planning with a variety of work and meeting zones away from the personal workstation with employee productivity in mind. The plans accommodate 53 various conference rooms and 8 huddle rooms with a mix of seating types provides lots of flexible working options.

Wow Factor: Design that is exciting and far from mundane to draw employees to the physical workplace during their in-office time.
Technology Enhancements: Technology integration into every meeting, huddle and collaboration space keeping employees connected and creating seamless connectivity where employees connect with clients and remote team members.

Flexible Solutions: Selections are individualized and go above and beyond at each workstation. There are options to customize their space if needed to improve employee performance.