Laminart Features Lytx

May 16, 2016

Real wood flooring finds new life on the wall behind the reception desk

Lamin-Art loved how Lytx turned out almost as much as Lytx did themselves. To feature the use of their laminates, they interviewed Associate and Sr. Designer for the project, Jill Russell.

Premium Wood Prints Provides the Perfect Transition from Natural Materials to Realistic Laminates at Lytx


Lytx is a driver risk management company located in San Diego, California that creates safety-monitoring programs for 1,300 fleets across all major industries. In business since 1998, Lytx formerly operated under the name DriveCam; however, as their product offerings evolved, so did the company, necessitating a re-branding to bring their name, logo and corporate office design more in-line with their position as a trusted provider of cutting edge analytic software that makes drivers and roadways safer every day.

ID Studios, a Solana Beach, CA company specializing in workplace design, were awarded the bid to design Lytx new corporate headquarters. They had very specific goals in mind for their new offices:

“Lytx wanted the design of their new corporate headquarters to reflect both their identity and culture as well as a design that would attract and retain employees and clients.”
— Jill Russell, Associate, Senior Designer at ID Studios

Before sitting down to design, ID Studios conducted an extensive visioning process to zero in on aspects of the company’s culture that could be integrated into the overall design. They found there were two central components defining Lytx: an established history of professionalism and trust within the industry combined with dynamic and forward-thinking creativity. ID Studios then set to work creating an interior design that combined these two elements into a cohesive whole.

“Throughout the interior, we reflected that cutting-edge, technology-driven environment while creating a connection to the familiar through materials like wood and stone.”
— Jill Russell, Associate, Senior Designer at ID Studios


While ID Studios used wood and stone throughout the design of Lytx corporate headquarters, they determined that laminate was the ideal solution for high-traffic areas such as cafés and break rooms. Lamin-Art provided an outstanding product for this use.

Laminart laminate used on the high-use cabinets in the coffee bar area transitioned seamlessly from the natural ones.
Laminart laminate used on the high-use cabinets in the coffee bar area transitioned seamlessly from the natural ones.

“We wanted to move forward with a wood-look laminate that allowed us to create a connection to comfort and warmth; Lamin-Art was ideal for that. We could transition the look of natural wood to café and break areas with the performance level of laminate. It really fit the aesthetic and created a connection to the trustworthy and stable side of Lytx.”
— Jill Russell, Associate, Senior Designer at ID Studios

The realistic designs offered by Lamin-Art were a key selling point. “One of the nice things about Lamin-Art is the execution of their patterns and finishes. They’re really strong designs,” Jill says. “Their woodgrain patterns have the look of a quality wood finish.”

Lytx reaction to their new office design was uniformly positive from the highest level down to the workers who constructed the office. Lytx CEO, Brandon Nixon, who was closely involved throughout the design process, “The thoughtful environment that ID Studios has created will serve as a catalyst for even greater things to come for Lytx.”
Thanks to great feedback from both clients and contractors, ID Studios is enthusiastic about using Lamin-Art products again in their future projects.

“We frequently find that millworkers are pleased with Lamin-Art’s products.”

See more of the project on ID Studios Website.


Design Team: Deborah Elliott, Principal; Jill Russell, Associate, Senior Designer; Steven Davis, Associate Principal, Project Manager; Lesley Christensen, Designer.

Specialty: Specializing in workplace design and strategic planning. ID Studios believes forward-thinking design strategies have the power to transform the way in which people work, learn and communicate with one another.

Location: Solana Beach, CA
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