Introducing ID Studios: Design for Science, Design for People

May 17, 2024

Designing environments in service of those dedicated to the service of others.

Everything we do is inspired by the people who inhabit the spaces we design. People come first. Our passion is creating space where people will feel comfortable, productive, and healthy – where they will thrive. Our human-centric approach crosses all market sectors. You know us from our 20-year history in Workplace and Academic design, but what you may not know is that in 2020 we entered the booming Life Science sector to support the increasing demand for lab space for critical scientific research and innovation. It has become our mission to create inspiring, sustainably-minded laboratory environments that foster the work that researchers deeply invest in and dedicate their lives to and to provide safe, efficient and effective spaces to enhance collaboration and elevate personal well-being.



  • Relationships + Collaboration: Breakthroughs happen when brilliant minds come together. When we work side by side with owners, stakeholders, lab managers, end users, facilities, engineers, and contractors we build relationships that strengthen team bonds and creative thinking. Our design process brings everyone to the table because we know that the best outcomes reflect the diversity of voices and perspectives on a project. Our lab planning process and designs encourage collaboration whether it’s project team workshops guiding planning direction, researchers sharing ideas at a communal bench or white board, or technicians brainstorming in an inspiring breakout area.
  • Family & Connection: Ways of working continue to shift, but scientific endeavors, for most organizations, require personnel to leave the comforts of family and home for their in-person lab bench which can sometimes be a complex road to navigate. From day one in our process, we get to know the stories of the individuals in the lab, what makes them unique, and how they feel connected so that we may provide sound planning and design that responds to how PI’s, technicians, managers, and staff engage with their science, their colleagues, their space, and the environment around them.


  • Creative Laboratory Design: Labs need not be dull. While the function of a lab may be very specific, planning and design are not one-size fits all. We approach every project with the objective to provide the fundamentals for lab function – safety, efficiency, and effectiveness – coupled with strategies that enhance equipment, lab, and building performance; and to inspire innovation and end-user experience like wellness, collaboration, connection with the outdoors, and beautiful finishes.


  • Human-Centric Approach + Well-Being: A lab is more than a product of its function. It is where scientists and technicians spend a significant part of their day in a variety of work postures under a myriad of stressors. Alongside safe, efficient, and effective spaces, we provide environments that are comfortable, productive and healthy. Design considerations including intuitive plan, clear circulation paths and program adjacencies, high visibility spaces with direct lines of sight, physical and visual connection with the outdoors, biophilic principles, color, light levels, and exposure to natural light reduce the impact of the lab environment on the end-users and encourage a space of inspiration, a space to thrive.


          • To Sustainability: Laboratories are some of the largest consumers of energy and resources and producers of waste. We approach every project with the goal of reducing a lab’s impact at every level from project design and execution to end-user processes. We design considering building orientation, heat loss and gain, resource consumption and waste, and energy efficiency across all infrastructure and systems. We lean into our engineering partners and subject matter experts to understand the latest strategies, tools, and lab products to enhance performance and productivity. We source eco-friendly material options for lab furniture and finishes, and we incorporate end-user SOPs addressing consumables and lab waste storage, removal and recycling into planning strategies. Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s our commitment to our industry, region, and planet.
          • To People & Project: A great lab project reflects the effort of the team, including owners, builders, engineers, architects, and consultants, to tap the deep collective knowledge, gather comprehensive bodies of information, and rigorously iterate and adapt planning and design strategies. We spend the necessary time in correspondence, conversation, and workshop with every team member at the table that has a voice and wants to be heard. We are committed to listening first and encouraging active team engagement.

          ID Studios is the commercial interiors studio you know and love. And we’re your go-to for laboratory planning services. But these aren’t all. We’re creators of spaces where science thrives, where breakthroughs happen, and where scientists, researchers, and technicians feel at home. Join us in redefining the future of lab design—one beautiful workspace at a time.

          Showcasing Our Work

          Confidential Biology & Medicinal Chemistry Lab

          Through expedient and intensive collaboration between landlord, tenant, GC, and design team, this combined test-fit and TI design process resulted in a multidisciplinary research, and manufacturing lab, and office meeting stringent Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) systems requirements while creating a comfortable, open environment reflecting company culture.

          The lab and office spaces are open and bright, divided minimally by full height glazed partitions creating transparency and internal connecting sight lines while inviting natural light deep into the space with views to the outdoors.

          The five distinct programs of the R&D and manufacturing functions within the open lab enjoy the benefit of common amenities and equipment clusters reducing lab service distribution and maximizing team access to shared resources. MEP systems are designed for adaptability as the company and lab evolves and grows.

          Healthpeak Spec Lab and Suite

          Demspey 11099 N. Torrey Pines Labs

          The Healthpeak Spec Suites project took inspiration from its natural surroundings and celebrates the beauty of the sunrise at Torrey Pines. The project includes two laboratory/office suites planned, oriented, and outfitted to optimize natural daylight exposure and visual connections between office, lab and vistas beyond. The outdoor deck, a new shared amenity, provides tenants an extension of their inspired interior environment enabling further connection to the Torrey Pines hills and one another.

          Illumina Manufacturing Lab Renovation and Modernization

          ID Studios joined the Design Build team led by Swinerton Builders to design, demo, renovate, and modernize a small, existing, underutilized and outdated manufacturing lab.

          A rigorous and precise equipment and workflow planning effort has allowed Illumina to introduce a purification process to the lab to complement current manufacturing to create more efficient workflows and large-scale production.

          Production activities remained operational during the multi-phase construction effort requiring careful collaboration and planning of upgraded and expanded MEP systems, integration of new casework and furniture, and coordinating with Illumina subject matter experts to bring sensitive proprietary equipment online.