CoreLogic featured on OfficeSnapshots

August 26, 2014

CoreLogic reception desk by ID Studios
CoreLogic reception desk by ID Studios
CoreLogic reception desk by ID Studios

CoreLogic has been featured on OfficeSnapshots. Office Snapshots displays and discusses the latest designs and trends in office design.

About the CoreLogic project:

CoreLogic is a leading, real estate information and analytics service provider in the United States and Australia with its roots leading back to The First American Company started 125 years ago in Southern California. The San Diego division plays a key administrative and client support role in the company and has a unique culture of people and processes.

The new office quarters were an excellent opportunity to create a cultural change and start fresh in a new environment. The vision was to create a space where the client’s values of Culture, Collaboration and Connection would be the foundation. The selected building lent itself to a main “connection pathway” that goes straight through the heart of the building and gives all employees access to every department.

Creating defined space for both privacy and collaboration; blending a formal parent company culture with the expressive and casual family oriented work environment of this division; and designing for two functionally diverse divisions within this office were key challenges for the project team. While the heads down, and individual work spaces needed to support privacy and provide a place to focus for long periods of time, there was also a need to keep everyone connected and communicating.

It was also important to demonstrate the new casual shift with higher open ceilings, more natural light, a connection to a “modern-raw” vernacular, and the incorporation of natural materials. 95% of the employees were located in high ceiling open plan space with direct connections to the exterior natural light and the teams they work with. The people are “connected” through simple, pure monolithic branding walls which define the central connective circulation paths, interact with major destination hubs, create opportunities for branded messages, and encompass over 18 collaboration spaces.