Existing Conditions Review

Prior to the start of the project, ID Studios will visit the site to verify the existing conditions by capturing photos and dimensions of any deviations from the base plans provided for the building. We’ll then adjust the owner-provided CAD drawings as needed for use on the project.


Using a curated set of visuals in a meeting with the client’s executive and management staff, ID Studios initiates a conversation about current design and planning trends to clearly define the desired look and feel of the project while getting to know the organization’s culture, mission, and vision allowing us to align our design choices with your overarching goals.


To understand current and future space requirements, an integrated approach is employed in a series of one-on-one meetings, group meetings, facility tours, and site observation to gather data resulting in a detailed project program.

Schematic Design

By reviewing all information obtained during the programming phase, ID Studios will develop space plans and alternative design, directions from which you can make qualitative decisions. This phase serves as a crucial step in shaping the overall direction and functionality of your space.

Design Development

In design development, we further develop and define all project design concepts, which form the basis from which ID Studios will produce detailed contract documents. Presentation tools such as 3-Dimensional renderings, elevations, materials, and images are employed to effectively convey the design intent.

Construction Documents

Our contract documentation clearly illustrates all requirements for the project, including code compliance and complete details and specifications as needed for proper execution by the general contractor. Our drawings are consistently formatted, easy to understand and fully coordinated between all disciplines.

Construction Administration

We take a strong ‘Total Team’ approach toward implementation of the entire project. To that end, the project manager will provide construction administration services from pre-construction through punch list to ensure that the project is executed and constructed as it was imagined.

Consultant Coordination

ID Studios collaborates closely with engineers and consultants to create a fully coordinated set of Construction Documents. Our project manager ensures that all requirements, including those from separately contracted consultants, are met. Our design team incorporates all the fully coordinated documentation into our drawing package for submission to Officials for plan review.

Sustainable Design Practices

ID Studios is committed to weaving sustainability into all of our projects. We guide our clients to make informed decisions about our world’s most limited resources that benefit the environment, society, and people. From choosing materials to integrating smart systems, we’re on a mission to enhance both your work life and our planet.

Constructability & QA Review

Constructability Reviews are like a reality check, bridging construction and design. They happen after the design development package and when the contract documents are complete. We bring in a third-party expert to allow a “fresh set of eyes” to review our drawings to catch any hiccups or improvements.


  • Space Utilization Analysis
  • Hybrid work planning
  • Test fit plans
  • Change management


  • Code consulting & analysis
  • Accessibility surveys and reports
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Building evaluations


  • Lab infrastructure feasibility
  • Lab Test Fit Plans
  • Vivarium Design
  • Lab design & Spec Labs


  • Furniture planning & selection
  • FF&E standards and guidelines
  • Furniture Procurement
  • Evaluation of existing FF&E
  • Art & Accessories
  • Interior Landscaping


  • Branding Company Culture
  • Signage design and wayfinding
  • 3D renderings and visualization
  • Virtual Reality fly throughs


  • WELL Building Standards
  • Fitwell
  • LEED
  • Sustainable Materials