Constrution Complete on CoreLogic /Credco Corporate Office

October 8, 2013

Construction is complete on CoreLogic/ Credco’s corporate offices located in Scripps Ranch.

CoreLogic/ Credco is a leading property information, analytics and services provider in the US and Australia, and over the past 50 years, has garnered a reputation for leadership, innovation and integrity. ID Studios provided full Interior Design Services for the 69,000 SF building with capacity for over 500 employees.

ID Studios’ goal and inspiration for CoreLogic was to create and enhance positive employee energy towards a new open, connected, casual, collaborative, “family” oriented culture. It was also important to demonstrate the new casual shift with higher open ceilings, more natural light, a connection to a “modern-raw” vernacular, and the incorporation of natural materials. 95% of the employees were located in high ceiling open plan space with direct connections to the exterior natural light and the teams they work with. The people are “connected” through simple, pure monolithic branding walls which define central connective circulation paths, interact with major destination hubs, create opportunities for branded messages, and encompass over 18 collaboration spaces.

The ID Studios Team includes Deborah Elliott and Steven David, Andrew Fordham and Jill Russell.