Amy Morway: Women of Influence GlobeSt

May 26, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Amy Morway has been selected as one of only 12 Architect and Design professionals in the US for the GlobeSt Women of Influence Award in 2023 and only one of two honorees on the west coast.

With over 35 years in the interior design industry, Amy possesses extensive high-quality skills, and readily shares them with others. As sought-after mentor, employees of all levels seek her guidance. Her influence has not only enhanced their craft but propelled them to excel in customer relations, business development, team management, presentation skills, and more.

As a founding principal of ID Studios, Amy oversees all daily operations, encompassing strategic planning, human capital, client relations, business development, and financial management. She is a hands-on leader, and directly supervises numerous ID Studios projects. Amy not only sets the firm’s vision but realizes it. Aligned with the company’s core values, which prioritize relationships, she celebrates each employee’s contribution, fostering a familial atmosphere.

Amy is open to and curious about new ideas. She digs deep into her team’s thought processes, eager to learn more from them, making her team feel valued and safe in pursuing new ideas. She isn’t afraid to ask for help, often turning to junior team members for assistance. Under her guidance, ID Studios earned recognition from the San Diego Business Journal, receiving the Best Places to Work 2022 award in the small business category.

Amy actively engages with career-focused organizations such as CREW and NAIOP. Leading the charge at ID Studios, she encourages participation in committees that advance these organizations’ goals. Through mentorship within these associations, she nurtures the growth of young professionals.

Amy is devoted to creating an environment and culture where producing great work is the norm. However, she also understands the importance of fun. She promotes a culture that includes valuing people and having fun with them. Amy truly believes if you aren’t having fun at work, then you are doing something wrong. She is known for always creating unexpected and memorable experiences. For example, when the firm moved into its new offices, each employee received slingshots and wool balls and on the first day in the new offices, Amy organized a slingshot fight.